BMW LED Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel - M sport

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A OEM BMW M-Sport Steering wheel re-trimmed in genuine carbon fibre with stunning red perforated leather grab handles, a sporty flat bottom and LED display.

The LED Display featured on this steering wheel offers multiple individual modes. These modes include the following: 

  1. RPM Reading
  2. When to shift (LED Lights)
  3. Speed Reading
  4. Options Menu
  5. 0 - 100KPH & 0-62 MPH Timer 
  6. BAR Reading
  7. Battery Voltage 
  8. Engine Oil Temperature
  9. Coolant Temperature  
  10. 9x Colour Selections

All of these options are accessible by 2 Buttons on the top of the steering wheel. The LED Display is Powered by 2 wires (Positive & Negative) and is connected to the vehicle via OBD port. You will receive an attachment which is wireless and plugs straight into the OBD port of your vehicle, which is commonly located below / around the steering column. 

This steering wheel is available for immediate dispatch.